About Us

Who we are

The Biogas Consortium is a vehicle through which the global South work towards developing the biogas sectors in their countries.
The consortium seeks 
to increase biogas and bio-slurry production in developing countries by removing the non-technical barriers to create better frameworks for the widespread production of biogas and bio-slurry, in line with the respective national targets. The Biogas Consortium currently consists of 3 partners from 3 countries and strives to promote sustainable biogas production throughout these countries. Many more biogas country-based programs, organizations, and institutions are encouraged to join to enrich our endeavours, especially by exchanging best practices, creating new business models, and increasing investments in bio-digester production at the country level.


What are the key objectives for SSBC

·       Promoting sustainable, low-carbon economies

·       South-South
knowledge and information exchange

·       Joint global
policy advocacy on biogas uptake support

·       Cooperation on
capacity development for optimization of carbon markets

·       Promoting waste valorization interventions to enhance
circular economy in the global south.

·       Promoting affordable, resource efficient and
competitive bio-digester technologies

How We Work

  • Enabling cooperation and collaboration in program
    development and fundraising
  • Peer-to-peer learning opportunities through global and bilateral engagement platforms include webinars, workshops, and exchange visits.
  • Coordination of joint global south socio-economic
    research and publication for knowledge development and dissemination
  • Participation in global forums as a consortium to magnify the voice of the global south on climate action and universal energy access through the promotion of bio-digester adoption
  • Enhance the knowledge of and beneficial participation of global south bio-digester programs and projects in the carbon credit markets

  Our target groups

Country Bio-digester programs

SSBC brings together national bio-digester programs driven by governments and NGOs in the global south to encourage learning, partnerships, and knowledge exchange as these programs continue to influence adoption in their respective jurisdictions.

Bio-digester adoption investors

SSBC seeks to interest UN agencies, multinationals, private sector investors in bio-digester technology, development partners financing bio-digester interventions in the global south, and development banks promoting transitions to green and renewable energy solutions, having bio-digester as one of the targeted interventions

Research Institutions

SSBC seeks to bring on board research institutions across the world who are interested in generating knowledge that would enhance the adoption of or improvement of the technology use efficiency in the context of global south countries

Global south Governments

SSBC seeks to cooperate with the global south governments on capacity development, policy and regulation development, knowledge sharing, and dissemination to ensure there is an enabling environment for bio-digester technology solutions to thrive in the countries

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